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Welcome to spring rubber and plastic technology co., LTD

Address:Tongxiang wutong industrial park road in autumn737Number

The phone:0573-88039806


Spring rubber and plastic technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development,Production,Trade in a body's rubber joint-stock enterprise。The company locates the geographical environment is superior,The transportation is convenient,Shanghai east China's largest port100Kilometers,Adjacent to the beautiful hangzhou west lake60Kilometers。
The company covers an area of8000Square meters,The construction area6000Square meters。The company has a vigorous production and research and development team,The mold design and formulation r&d engineers5Name,Can according to customers drawings or samples and technical requirements,To design and manufacture of mold,At the same time design formula according to the material property requirement,Accurate quickly developed to meet the requirements of customers of new products。
The company now has all kinds of size models of plate vulcanizing machine、Vacuum vulcanizing machine、The rubber mixing machine、The extruder、Injection molding machine、Hardware punching machine, etc.Products mainly include the rubber plug,Coverings,Gasket,The pipe,The seals,Suspension parts and all kinds of special shape extrusion and form a complete set of all kinds of metal stamping parts,Plastic parts.
Mainly includes rubber materials:Silica gel,Fluorine rubber,Nitrile rubber,Three yuan 3-20,Neoprene,Natural rubber,Styrene butadiene rubber,Butyl rubber, etc.There are mainly nylon plastic material,Polycarbonate,Polyformaldehyde,High and low pressure polyethylene.ABS.PVC,And the thermoplastic elastomerTPE、TPR,And all kinds of metal stamping parts。